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Charter Boat Delivery

MCP  boat charter company manages boat deliveries at any desired location in the northern Adriatic Sea at any time, according to following conditions:
- boats to 7m of lenght: 5,-€ per Nm
- boats from 7m to 10m of lenght: 6,-€ per Nm
- boats from 10m of lenght and more: 7,-€ per Nm


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Charter Documents

Punat boat charter (base)

Punat boat charter (Main MCP Charter Base)

                                                                                                       MCP base in Marina Punat

Punat is located in the southwest of the island of Krk, in one of the most protected bays of the Adriatic. The place is surrounded by olive groves - the olive oil from Punat is widely known; it is not only a basic food, but in the right dosage also a medicine. Punat is a center of the boat-tourism on the Croatian coast. It is known among skippers, due to the "Marina Punat," the oldest and one of the leading marinas on the Adriatic. A shipyard is also located here.
The company MCP boat charter is proud to be a part of this nautical center.
Numerous pebble beaches are located between Punat and Stara Baska. Our guests say they are among the most beautiful beaches, which they have ever seen.
The real gem, however, is in the middle of the bay – the island Košljun. Košljun is known for the Franciscan monastery where the monks have collected and preserved over the centuries, many precious objects. Here is a museum with an ethnographic collection, with numerous objects from Krk fishermen and farmers, and the traditional costumes from all over the island of Krk. The monastery also has a rich zoological collection. It includes a large collection of various mussel species and unique animals, e.g. an one-eyed sheep.
The monastery has a huge library with about 30,000 copies. The library includes the Atlas of Ptolemy (one of three preserved), printed in 1511 in Venice.
Two churches are on the island: the church of the Annunciation and the church of St. Bernard.
The monastery is a listed building.
The entrance channel to Punat is well marked. Between the marks you must stay at least 10 meters west of the green seamarks. You can enter into the port only about 70 meters past the last green seamark. West and east of the marks the channel is shallow.
With strong south wind, the current in the channel can reach two knots.
The permitted boat speed is 5 knots.
Please pay attention to the rocks west of the last marker, along the eastern coast of the island Košljun and along the west bank.
With bad weather from the northwest (seldom and usually in summer) you anchor north of Košljun.

MCP boat charter is delivering your chartered boats to a desired location from Marina Punat. Call us, we are at your disposal.

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